g! bal

Display your current on-hand balance

This will display your current money and flower balances.

  g! begUPDATED

Beg the Goat King for more money

Beg for money when you run out of coins.
Your modifier is also taken into account.

  g! buy [item] [qty?]NEW!

Purchase an item from the shop

Buy a given number of items from the shop! Certain items can increase your modifier, providing a % bonus!

  g! flip [h|t]UPDATED

Flip a coin

Flip a coin to see if it lands heads or tails.

  g! dailyNEW!

Collect daily rewards

Collect your daily reward! Every day in a row adds a 0.5% bonus

  g! deposit [amount]

Deposit coins into your bank account

Deposit a given number of coins to your bank balance.

  g! give @user [amount]UPDATED

Give money to a member

Kindly leave or donate some coins for another member to have. Large transfers will be taxed.

  g! invNEW!

View your inventory

Display your inventory for the current server.

  g! richNEW!

List the richest server members

Display the ranking of richest members in the current server.

  g! shop [id?]NEW!

Browse the Goat Shop

Browse or view an item in the shop.

  g! slots [bet]UPDATED

Play a random slots machine!

Bet coins and win big at a slot machine. There are many different themes, with one chosen randomly each spin.

  g! withdraw [amount]

Withdraw coins from your bank account

Withdraws a given number of coins from your bank balance.