g! 8ball [question]

Magic 8 Ball

Ask the Magic 8 Ball a question, any question!

  g! choose a; b; ...UPDATED

Choose item from a list

Picks a random item from your list, useful for making decisions! g! choose a; b; c

  g! compliment @user

Compliment a user

Says something nice about a user!

  g! insult @user

Insult a user

Insults somebody. This command can be disabled.

  g! np [@user?]

Display your current song

Display album art of the current song you are listening to

  g! wyr [--random]

Ask a 'Would You Rather' question

Asks a random 'Would You Rather' question.
Use --random to randomize it further!

  g! dice [...sides|2d12]

Roll a series of dice

Rolls a series of dice with the given sizes. An example of rolling three, 12-sided dice would be:
g! dice 12 12 12 or g! dice 3d12

  g! aaaaaa